The Mike Huckabee campaign has filed its campaign spending report for January. He spent about $4.9 million, or about $1 million more than he took in, leaving him with $929,000 cash on hand going into February.

Payroll notes for the month:

Press spokeswoman Alice Stewart, $6,000; campaign chairman Ed Rollins, $25,000; campaign manager Chip Saltsman, $15,000; daughter Sarah Huckabee, $4,250; son David Huckabee, $4,250; son John Mark Huckabee, $2,250; daughter-in-law Lauren Huckabee, $4,250;  brother-in-law Jim Harris, $4,250. Janet Huckabee was busy. She was reimbursed for $14,000 in travel expenses.

Lot of friends and former administration aides in the mix, too.


Huckabee meanwhile, is making his money on the after-dinner-speaker’s circuit.