The usual suspects — and then some — are in a purple rage that Hillary Clinton didn’t concede last night. Here’s a sampling. You’ll have to look up MoDo yourself but haters will be rewarded. I should add it’s not just the haters. Michael Tomasky has been warm to the Clintons in the past. Not today.

It is always more fun to pound Hillary than to inspect McCain, though Josh Marshall comments that McCain’s “prebuttal” remarks about Obama’s win were “awful.” He added, “Even the Foxies couldn’t help dumping on it.” I expect McCain will be lost today in the tsunami of outrage at Clinton. But there are plenty of rough reviews of McCain.

PS: The Daily Howler recalls a number of other candidates for president who didn’t concede despite their apparent defeat in primaries. Ronnnie, Teddy, Jerry and John, to name four. I don’t believe the press reaction was the same then.