An inquiring reporter discovers that Arkansas’s two racetracks — at Oaklawn and Southland — look and operate like casinos. To enhance the casino ambience, Southland apparently figures it can legally add keno. What? Didn’t know that was an “electronic game of skill”? If it is, so presumably would be betting on whether a 1 and a 6 are going to come up when you roll a pair of digital dice. Or to guess whether all the red numbers will come up on the spin of a digital roulette wheel.

I have my disagreements with the Family Council’s Jerry Cox, but he was dead right when he predicted the slippery slope on which Arkansas embarked on the ruse that the people making the slot machines jingle in Hot Springs and West Memphis  are playing skill games. It is neither the first nor the last time the legislature has been gulled by the racetrack lobby.