Another Arkie angle in today’s newspapers: A feature in the NY Times magazine on reality shows about big families and websites that talk about them includes — naturally — Tontitown, Ark.’s Duggar clan — mom and pop and 17 kids and one more on the way. It’s a friendly piece for the most part.

True, sweet-natured Michelle advocates a program of deference to Jim Bob’s authority, though she’ll draw the line when she sees fit. (When Jim Bob asked her to brandish for the cameras a positive pregnancy test, presumably still stained with her urine, she declined.) Together, it seems, they have built a family like a company. Online, you can find the Duggars’ recipes, marvel at their demanding daily schedule and study their home-schooling curriculum. Furthermore, on the Duggars’ site you can “Welcome Jennifer!” (No. 17), and on the Web site for Discovery Health, which produces the Duggar-related shows and specials, you can propose names for her imminent sibling in a survey called “Pick a Name for Baby No. 18.”

PS — Sure it’s their business what size family they choose. But, come on. When you market your life choices to a cable TV channel you surely can’t expect people not to comment.