Reader “Waterboy” added this comment on the Sunday night open line, but I thought I’d call further attention to his contribution to the argument that the Little Rock Board of Directors should change leadership of Central Arkansas Water Tuesday by rejecting the reappointment of lawyer Jane Dickey, who’s already had 11 years on the commission.

Pat Lynch made this similar point this morning in his Democrat-Gazette column: If Strong Mayor Mark Stodola is really serious about putting new blood on city commissions (that was his argument for denying a new term to Larry Lichty on the Airport Commission) he’d ask for new blood here, too.

Waterboy adds some background as well on the current commission’s role in preventing then-CEO Jim Harvey from acquiring Lake Maumelle watershed land on which Jay DeHaven and other investors now hope to reap a windfall from the water utility. Waterboy’s account is the same given to me by Harvey last week.

SPEAKING OF WATER: The utility, the U.S. Geological Survey and UALR today announced a plan to use Lake Maumelle for environmental education in the course of monitoring water quality. Let’s hope it doesn’t result in reports on steady deterioration of hwat has been a pristine source.