Even Mike Huckabee fans have been put off by his PAC’s decision to support Alaska Rep. Don Young, suspected crook and known champion pork barreler, in his re-election campaign. The Huckster has caught so much heat, that he’s responded to some comments on his website, as summarized here. Simply put, Young supported him, so ….

UPDATE: The Club for Growth, the anti-tax outfit that fought Huckabee’s presidential candidacy on account of his apostasy on  fiscal issues, is crowing about Huck’s endorsement of boodler Young.

Over the past year, the Club for Growth has been criticized by Huckabee and some conservatives for painting the Arkansas Governor as a fiscal liberal. If ever there was proof that that the Club was right from the start, it is this outrageous endorsement of Rep. Young who embodies the worst of the Republican Party’s wasteful habits.