Since folks have been anxious to throw in comments about the Bush visit in other threads, here’s a line on that topic. (Above is a pool photograph, supplied by the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, from his visit to the Family Service Agency in North Little Rock. The White House staged an I-care session for Bush there on the financially embattled, probably as a means to get a public offset to the cost of his flying down for a fund-raiser later at the home of beer distributor George O’Connor on Palisades.)

Other sightings? Comments? Photos? (Send them to

If the motorcade to Palisades exceeds 25 mph, I expect the Cammack cops to hop to.

David Sanders, we await your inside-the-fund-raiser report.

MOTORIST UPDATE: Road rage rules. More than an hour before Bush was to leave, major arteries were blocked or severely limited (i.e. LaHarpe), to preserve a smooth flow for the Bush motorcade back to the airport. Worst was Interstate 30, its three southbound lanes blocked at the Broadway exit in North Little Rock. The traffic backup was huge and steaming, our trappee reports. I was flipped the bird by a woman who thought blocking Second Street at Chester would somehow make the stopped traffic in front of her on Chester move so that she could proceed. I had given her a horn salute for blocking the intersection.