A faithful reader of the Washington County  Jail detention logs sends along the link. Former Hog and current pro football player Matt Jones (photo from jail mugshot) was busted early this morning in Fayetteville on a felony charge of possession of cocaine, according to a Washington County sheriff’s office spokesman.

Here’s the full police report.* An officer patrolling Dickson Street found Jones with two men in a car, apparently snorting cocaine. Jones got a felony possession charge. The other two — another former Hog, Jared Hicks, 25, and Ben Cook, 26 — were charged with misdemeanors.

The three were in Hicks’ car. The officer said he found Jones holding cocaine and other drug-related items elsewhere in the car.

PS — The police reports bears a “misdemeanor” stamp on arrest reports for the two men with Jones. A prosecutor who read the report commented, however, that the report says they were charged with possession of drug paraphernalia under ACA-5-64-403, which he says is a Class C felony and carries penalties similar to those facing Jones. But perhaps that citation doesn’t reflect how they’ll be charged.


*SSN, DLN and phone numbers removed.