Remember “The Queen,” the hit movie about the British royal family starring Helen Mirren?

Peter Morgan, the screenwriter of that movie and “The Deal,” depicting Tony Blair’s rise to power, is planning a trip to Little Rock to brainstorm a third film in the trilogy, “The Special Relationship,” about Blair’s relationship with Bill Clinton.


He insists that he doesn’t have any casting ideas for Bill Clinton, saying that’s always a director’s prerogative. But Morgan promises that the gauzy portrayal of Blair in “The Queen” will not be repeated, intimating that Clinton, especially the Clinton in the last years of his presidency, won’t get off easily either. “You have to remember,” he told me, ” ‘The Queen’ was set in that honeymoon period when Blair had just taken over the country and didn’t have to be especially devious.”

He laughs. “I can assure you there’s plenty of deviousness in the new film.” 


Could Helen Mirren portray Hillary? She’s only two years older. And pretty darn fit.