Interesting that the Young Republican Turks were yammering Friday about a new way of doing things — claiming that a Newt Gingrich-aggrandizement organization was actually a do-gooding nonpartisan outfit that would help us drill our way out of $4 gas. (As if, too, drilling for oil to fatten the wallets of Exxon/Mobil was an original thought.)

Coincidentally there arrived in my mailbox a copy of an invitation mailed out a few months ago for a little Republican Party “legislative forum.” Looks to me like a rent-a-legislator event. (I might have priced it by saying the more you paid the LESS time you had to spend with the Mark Martins of the world.) Maybe you’re more charitable. You read it. You decide. At a minimum, the Repubs were seeking pretty stiff prices to “sponsor” meetings with a group that generally doesn’t swing heavy lumber in the legislature.


I don’t know how successful the event proved to be. Perhaps a Republican reader could enlighten.