Matt Taibbi on politics and religion — smart, outrageous, blasphemous, funny. His latest is a tour de force on John McCain’s half-hearted outreach to the Republican evangelical base, which includes a newfound devotion to regular church attendance. Taibbi finds it almost engaging, or maybe he just takes pity. A sample (warning — NC-17):

The man is a relic from a previous era of conservatism, when privacy was sacrosanct and public expressions of religiosity were considered vulgar and in bad taste. McCain comes from a generation of American men for whom religion was a ticket you punched once a week, a low-effort symbol of conformity to go with your two-car garage, your sorority-girl wife and your weekly golf game with the fellas. The whole braying-to-the-moon, born-again Promise Keeper act perfected by the Bushes and Huckabees of the world is as alien to his sensibility as an Iron John man-poetry retreat. Sitting here in the North Phoenix Baptist pews, he has a look on his face like he’d just as well suck a cock as do an altar call. It’s one of his most likable qualities.