Our attention has been focused today on the shooting of Bill Gwatney. Other things have occurred.

The post-Broyles era continues with news that KATV has given up its exclusive rights to Razorback sports. The contract has been sold for big bucks to ISP Sports. KATV has a piece of the action as “flagship” station for Hog broadcasts. Media mavens will have to explain the ins and outs of this.

The new Arkansas Times is on the web. It includes our first look at UCA Foundation records for the expense account it provides  for UCA President Lu Hardin. They spend far more than the $57,000 per year reported as the value of the expense account in a recent state Higher Education Department survey. A university official explained after we went to press that the university only counted strictly personal expenses by Hardin, not expenditures clearly for university purposes. So far, the Foundation has only disclosed spending in broad categories. We’ve asked for itemized expenses on travel, meals, home furnishings, gifts to others, etc.

Also in the Times: Check out how a UCA trustee, Michael Stanton, wound up getting a free wedding reception for his child at the UCA student union.