While most in Arkansas worship the dollars that shale exploration will bring to Arkansas — at least to a few — and while Game and Fish fights on to keep every dollar it gets for trading wildlife refuges for mineral exploitation, other states are more advanced in getting the bigger picture.

There’s the sad reality of a landowner’s impotence in the face of pipeline construction.


This impotence extends to people in residential subdivisions. (Check the video first. And if you have time notice how Chesapeake, a media master, has been seeding the comments thread on this issue.)

If you think this is only a not-in-my-literal-backyard issue, consider the broader environmental questions. There are many. But here’s one that’s had scant discussion in Arkansas. Check out Newsweek’s report on the potential dangers of the chemicals used in drilling in shale formations. The chemical stew is poured into open pits that leach into water supplies and streams and spill on people with unpleasant results. Scary stuff. Colorado is stiffening its environmental rules. Heard any talk about that here? Not much. It is the Arkansas way. Be grateful for whatever pennies trickle down, worship the almsgivers and worry later about the harmful side effects.


On jump: Newsweek gets a comment from an Arkansas reader.