Mara Leveritt’s website explains the potential bombshell under wraps in circuit court in Jonesboro — a lawyer who has sworn he was contacted by the jury foreman during one of the West Memphis Three murder trials to talk about the case. Once the convictions were returned, the juror said there’d been no outside contacts that might have influenced his decision, though he’d talked to the lawyer about the prosecution’s case and the need to “convince” a few holdout jurors of guilt.

Leveritt thinks the affidavit is proof of misconduct sufficient to warrant a new trial. Circuit Judge David Burnett’s conduct in the past and in the current case offers scant hope for careful jurisprudence at the circuit court level, however.

Who is the “prominent attorney” who has made this statement? Will he come forward in the interest of justice to build more public pressure for the reconsideration this case begs for?