Above was tonight’s dinner at the Down East Lobster Pound near Bar Harbor. This is old hat to people familiar with Maine, but I’m a first-time visitor. The coast line is littered with lobster pounds, ramshackle joints surrounded by picnic tables where you are served meals like this on plastic trays. This is a 1.5 pound lobster, a sack of steamed mussels, an ear of local corn, cole slaw, a roll and a cup of melted butter. It cost $19.95. You could BYOB. Messy and good.

But …. we also were treated to a celebrity sighting. I was too shy to ask for a photo of the woman whose shoulder you see in the photo below, but these are her fine French bulldogs, who she gladly posed for me when I told her I’d left a Frenchie back home. The fawn male is Carlos. Shame on anyone who knows enough celebrity detail to know who brought these fine pooches to dinner with her at the Lobster Pound. But I’ll try to think of something suitable to reward a correct answer.

UPDATE: Debra wins the figurative color-coordinated kewpie doll for her correct answer — Martha Stewart (who was very pleasant). And perhaps a Bar Harbor commemorative lobster bottle opener. Send me an address if you want to claim the deluxe prize.