Readers inquire from time to time about Robert McCord, the veteran newspaperman who wrote a weekly column for the Arkansas Times for 15 years and provided other valuable assistance to our successful navigation of a sometimes difficult industry.

So I’m happy this morning to pass along a brief op-ed offering from Bob on the current Repubican ticket:


Last week Senator John McCain told the nation that he wants Sarah Palin, the governor of Alaska, to be his vice president if he becomes president.  She is 44 years old and has been governor of Alaska two years. For six years she was the mayor of Wasilla, Alaska where 6,000 people live.

Mrs. Palin probably must be intelligent to please people who live in cities in Alaska.  But think of this. Alaska has only 670,063 people while Arkansas, one of the smaller states in the United States, has 2,810,872 people.  And, as governor, Mrs. Palin has not had much contact with other nations.  In the United States if the President becomes very sick or even dies, the vice president would have to deal with all Americans and people in many other countries in the world.

Also, please think if John McCain at age 72 wins he will be the oldest president we have ever elected in the United States. The oldest man among the 43 Americans elected president was  Ronald Reagan in 1981 who was 69 years old. Only eight of the other 42 presidents were in their sixties.

I think we ought not to  vote for someone to be president who is over 69. And what we read in the papers makes us think Mrs. Palin should be straightening things out at her home rather than helping to get a man over 70 elected as our President.