John Brummett imagines John McCain’s vetting of Sarah Palin, ending with his realization that she’s a perfect choice — a pander to the “church nuts” that could tongue-tie the “feminazis.”

(No one need be tongue-tied about discussions of Palin’s record and philosophy, which offers much ground for comment. The only tongue tied so far is that of Palin, who’s yet to meet the press after being introduced by McCain more than a week ago.)

And speaking of the Palin vetting: A reader provides a helpful link to an Alaska blog that is following the political fallout. It includes this link to a deep Democratic Party review of Palin for her gubernatorial run, a far more searching look than McCain took.

Today, the Anchorage newspaper says Palin is stonewalling a legitimate investigation, just the opposite of the ethical, transparent governance she promised. Do tell. Also, the incendiary story related here is getting play all over the web. Here’s the original if the Kos link isn’t working. (It is, contrary to typically ill-informed comment.)