Circuit Judge Willard Proctor was back on the bench this morning as if nothing happened last week. This morning was his weekly session for progress report on probationers. They continue under the thumb of his Cycle Breakers program.

Proctor told our reporter, Gerard Matthews, that he didn’t intend to comment on allegations made public last week from the state’s judicial discipline agency. His lawyer, Blake Hendrix, gave an interview aired on KUAR this morning that amounted to a general denial of all allegations. He insisted that Cycle Breakers is independent of Proctor, despite evidence to the contrary, and he disputed the report that probationers with expunged criminal records have been jailed for failing to pay fees to Cycle Breakers.

Rumors continue to swirl about related developments in the case. No word yet if the state Supreme Court will open the sealed file on Proctor’s challenge of the disciplinary proceeding.