Somebody shared with me a recent mailing from the Razorback Foundation to its contributors. It would appear to be something of a response to the uproar about the departure of former Hog Chuck Dicus as head of the UA Athletic Department fund-raising subsidiary and concerns about whether new Athletic Director Jeff Long’s broom might be seen as having swept the athletic machinery clean of true-red Razorbacks.

Said the letter: ” … we are surrounded at both the Razorback Foundation and the Athletic Department with talented and loyal people who take great pride in working for the Razorbacks. We have included an attachment listing some of the many who make up our senior level staff at the University of Arkansas Athletic Department and all the members of the Razorback Foundation. We think you will see a clear connection between those who understand the tradition and culture that makes our university and state unique ….”


Here’s a link to the letter and the list of employees with their years of experience.