I’d mentioned earlier that former President Clinton would be joined by Gov. Mike Beebe and state Rep. Kathy Webb, co-chair of Beebe’s Global Warming task force, at his library today for an announcement. It was about a partnership between the state and the Clinton Foundation to make buildings more energy efficient and thus reduce greenhouse gases. The Clinton Climate Initiative will work with the state in adapting regulations to encourage more energy efficient practices in state buildings.

Beebe also mentioned at the event that there may be more wind industry-related news in Arkansas’s future. He hinted at another business location here to join three in Little Rock and one in Jonesboro that manufacture parts for producing energy from wind. The state itself isn’t ripe territory for wind production. (However, thanks to Beebe, it remains ripe for conventional power plants, including greenhouse-gas pumping coal-fired plants, that still must exist as backup to cover about 85 percent of the power produced by wind energy. See, you can’t guarantee a steady supply of wind.)