I hope it will remain easier to access.

I’m heading with my wife to a gathering of Arkansas S.O.B.’s tonight. That stands for Staffers of Bill — people who worked for the former president during his Arkansas political career. Ellen worked as a deputy in the attorney general’s office in 1977-78, generally on PSC matters, but she famously, and successfully, defended Lou Holtz in federal court when John Walker sued to reinstate suspended players before the 1978 Orange Bowl against Oklahoma. Walker’s effort folded in part because Ellen had located and had on standby as a witness the woman involved in the “dorm incident.” That set the stage for one of the greatest Hog victories ever. Ancient history. I watched it on a B&W 19-inch portable TV, a fact that didn’t diminish the enjoyment one bit


Maybe the prez himself will attend tonight, it occurs to me, since he was in town earlier.