David Sanders’s recent column seems to have caused quite a stir.  Beebe’s remarks yesterday that global warming was not a hoax just added to it.  Today, John Brummett weighs in, pointing out some problems with the Sanders article.  One major point of contention is that most of the material likely came from right-winger Paul Chesser, who works for Climate Strategies Watch, a group that exists to “scrutinize global warming policy in the states,” and specifically to criticize the Center for Climate Strategies, a consulting firm that has been hired by the state.  From Brummett: 

It’s customary — not a conspiracy — for a governor’s commission like this to hire a consulting firm like ours, or, more to the point, exactly ours. It is customary for the consultants to have a point of view. It was so on education reform. In this case, the commission chose a consultant that believes global warming exists and that man can do a little something state-by-state to slow it. These right-wingers who don’t believe in global warming call these global-warming alarmists.       

One possible explanation for the failure of global warming deniers’ views to die out is the treatment of the issue by the “liberal” media.  Although scientific consensus on global warming is almost unanimous, he said/she said media coverage can often make it look like it’s a 50/50 battle, that each side’s arguments are equally legitimate.