I note the Bruce Maloch-Gilbert Baker bill to amend the recently approved pay raises for the executive and legislative branches. It’s necessary to to bring them into line with constitutional caps that limit the cost-of -living pay increases for those offices.  The raises were about a half a percentage point too high based on a recalculation of the index used to set the amount. (Raises for judges and prosecutors, not subject to the constitutional cap, are unaffected.)

It’s an amendment to the original bill. I’m going to have to check later, but I think that means it doesn’t require a three-fourths vote. If not, it’s probably a good thing. The grandstanding potential on this issue is large and a noisy minority could use it to provide leverage on a range of other issues.


UPDATE: I was wrong. Maloch says he believes a three-fourths vote is required. Grandstanding potential or no, the pay amounts need correction, he said.