Another plug for House Speaker Robbie Wills’ blog — and thanks to the speaker for chipping in with a blog comment yesterday and claiming authorship of every last word.

You’ll see he does stay up late posting.


For legislative process junkies, it’s highly recommended.

A lesson on what co-sponsors mean and the levels of support that contribute to the 75 votes needed for tax passage. A news roundup (what, no links to Arkansas Blog?). A radio broadcast. An explanation of the amendments to the tobacco tax that have removed some opposition. (Payola for tobacco wholesalers and a brand-name snuff manufacturer.) More digs at tobacco lobby frontman Dick Armey.


Riddle me this, Batman:  While Dick Armey of Texas is here next Tuesday for his press conference to tell us Arkies that we shouldn’t raise our cigarette tax, maybe he can explain why Texas’ cigarette tax rate is $1.41 a pack?  Do as I say, not as I do.