The guns-in-church bill was supposed to be whooped through the House today, accompanied by at least a metaphorical 21-gun salute. But it was pulled from consideration for a potential amendment. We could hope for generally cooler heads.

Under the Dome provides a sharp comment from former Gov. Jim Guy Tucker on the bill. (Before you start, check the clips. Tucker knows how to use firearms.)


The original “concealed carry” law was passed during my administration as governor, and with my signature. The bill was carefully crafted by its sponsor, Senator Walters, to avoid exactly the kinds of intrusion – and risks – raised by HB1237. Those who want to own and carry firearms have rights – but so do those who do not. This bill intrudes on one of our most sacred rights – the right to worship freely without fear.

Under HB1237 the state is literally ordering every church in Arkansas to allow a total stranger with a gun on his hip to enter your church and sit by your family. For the state to force this upon churches, or church members, is an intolerable intrusion.


Kind Regards,

Jim Guy


Three-fold amen.