Rep. Ed Garner of Maumelle, the Republican Party’s poster boy for fiscal accountability, finally got the Democrat-Gazette’s attention today for behavior we first reported long ago and mentioned again the other day.

The Revenue and Taxation Committee member is a serial tax deadbeat of a decade’s standing. No link available, but he’s kept his Little Rock bakery open by agreeing, yet again, to a deferred payment plan for more than $50,000 he owes the state.


I’ve said it before about similar cases: There’s a word for taking money that belongs to somebody else and spending it on yourself.

I’d be interested in hearing of other businesses that, after 10 years of diverting sales tax collections and income tax withholding to their own uses, were still given yet another chance to work out the misappropriation of the public’s money. If they were not a state representative.


Garner’s committee oversight of bills affecting his creditor is something of a conflict, seems to me.