I said I was done, but …

Tonight was the Arkansas Times’ Chefs’ Night Out Party in advance of our Best Restaurants in Arkansas issue this week.

You should have been there. Good eats — thanks Best Catering, Ben E. Keith, Sysco, Blue Moon. Some excellent whiskey — 18-year-old Scotch and some very old Crown Royal aged in cognac barrels that tasted like, sure enough, brandy. Some new Dickel Tennessee whiskey that I highly recommend. If you followed the searchtlights you’d have found us at the Arkansas Arts Center, with some shiny BMWs parked outside.

Good crowd of good eaters. I talked a long while with former legislator Jim Keet about the grilled lamb he’s turning out at Taziki’s, the Greek-flavored spot on Cantrell that is among our Best New Restaurants. And I talked to Capi Peck about her new eponymous place and whether LR people will get small plates. I hope so.


News: Scott McGehee has a pub/casual restaurant entry coming. I’m guessing it will be in the old Sufficient Grounds location in Hillcrest. Linda Baugh wants to join her grandkids in Hawaii. That means you can buy the best burger joint in LR, the Sports Page on Louisiana Street, for a mere $100,000. See if you can do as she has done so well — have a pretty good life serving up greasy burgers and fries 11-2 weekdays to the downtown crowd. (I wish the Saturday lunch would come back and, yes, I wish Linda didn’t allow smoking.)

Back to you.