Slow here.

Check out some of our other blogs. JP calls my attention to Richard Drake’s obituary tribute on Street Jazz to a Fayetteville nurse/poet. (And scroll on down for biology instruction-NWA style.)


Kat Robinson has been eating some good fish for Eat Arkansas.

Ever wonder what goes on in LR after the sun goes down? Check out Rock Candy, and particularly Paul Peterson’s piece on Punk Bunny.


Gerard Matthews reports on industry business as usual on Shale Watch. You are not being served by the legislature.

A Chick Called Mick is off to Mardi Gras.


The Movie Goer has thoughts on the Oscars.

Ninja Poodles is back and raving about the 3-D “Coraline.”

The Razorback Expats soldier on, despite a grim hoop year for the Hogs. There’s always Wally, however.

Dreams about cheating lovers are on Lauryn Smith’s mind at Misadventures in the Dark.