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Photo above, an aerial shot of Lake Maumelle overlayed on a road map, comes from Central Arkansas Water, via tireless public policy activist Kathy Wells. I’ll let her explain.

The aerial photo was obtained by Central Ark. Water officials just hours after a heavy rain Feb. 12 to monitor pollution entering lake.
Fortunately, this silt settled out before reaching the eastern end, and the intake valve. The rafts of leaves were another story, and one officials watch closely. more chemicals are used to treat the water when leaves enter the system, which is not what officials prefer. 
The image shows why advocates lobby so hard for the Watershed Management Plan to be enacted fully. This is our community’s plan to keep our water as clean as possible, in the face of forthcoming development in the future. 
We need to amend Chapter 8 of the pending county subdivision regulations to require minimum five-acre lots before this legislation is voted upon in April.