If you went to school in Fayetteville, you’re familiar with Collier Drugs. Its owner has come up with a local economic stimulus plan. Highlight from full release on the jump:

Some businessmen watch the economy rise and fall and feel it is out of control. But one area business man has an idea to spur on local small business economy and encourages other small business owners to do the same.
Mel Collier of Collier Drug Stores is starting the change where he can; right in his own store with his employees.
During the month of April, if any Collier Drug Store employee purchases items or food from a locally owned, Northwest Arkansas (not a chain) business or restaurant then Mel will reimburse the Collier Drug employee 50% of their purchases up to $100 and up to $150 if the business owner of the store is a current customer of Collier Drug Stores.
Mel Collier says of the idea, “This is our way of stimulating the economy and the buying power of our community. If other business owners conduct this plan for their employees, together we can help our communities when they need it most.”