Mayor Stodola gave his annual review today. More to come, I’m sure. Crime is down. Economy is coming back. Yadda. Yadda.

Also: City Hall is full of deadwood with cushy pay and benefits, some the product of rank tokenism. A handful of influential people control the decisions of city boards and commissions. We don’t have sufficient jail space to hold the people who create most of the smaller crimes that are most vexing to the community. The city isn’t growing dynamically, in population or revenue. We are so beholden to certain key industries (health care), we’ll give them anything they want, even park land. We don’t have a democratic board of directors and nobody with any political clout intends to do anything about it. The ruling clique also has given up on public schools, damn the damage to us all.

Oh, wait. Actually Stodola didn’t speak that second paragraph. That was just me, saying what a candid mayor might say.