Propitiously timed, John Brummett continues his rage against the forces of darkness that yesterday defeated Sen. Joyce Elliott’s bill to allow children of immigrants the same college tuition as that paid by similarly situated “real” Arkansans with state high school diplomas and long years of residence here. He goes, too, after the man at the top, Gov. Mike Beebe, who’s raised a thin legal argument against the bill.

Beebe is a friend and admirer of this bill’s sponsor, Sen. Joyce Elliott of Little Rock. He put her on his very transition team, right there with a gas company mogul and a big-time insurance lobbyist. The governor could use his expertise and political capital to work with her on this in a can-do spirit rather than resist her for his political expedience in a can’t-do spirit.

Alas, it seems he may be satisfied making a case for the greatness of his governorship by spending Mike Huckabee’s surplus, embracing Robbie Wills’ trauma system and getting out of the way of Bill Halter’s lottery.

Bill Halter’s lottery? What was that for again? Helping our kids go to college? What a strange notion. Who in the world voted for that?