Caller says the state Lottery Commission will be traipsing over to a building at 720 West Third (it was Rose Law Firm quarters many years ago before the firm fixed up the old YWCA) in a few minutes to take a look at space owned by the Arkansas Teacher Retirement System. ATRS Director George Hopkins would love to rent the commission some space.

Capsearch has been Twittering other items from lottery commission discussion: 10 applicants so far for director’s job; Chairman Ray Thornton wants to hire a consultant on drawing up requests for various contract proposals.

Director applicants so far are on the jump, in list provided by Division of Legislative Research. But you’ll remember that at least some commissioners have recruiting someone in mind. The commission today also talked about a number of other jobs, including a general counsel slot. Talk about economic stimulus.

UPDATE: And, yes, it’s official, Speaker Robbie Will’s boy, Tom Courtway, will apply to be lottery director. Weeks ago, an old Hendrix mate of Courtway’s told me he thought the fix was in on puting Tommy into the job. It is politically incorrect to say things critical of the popular good ol’ boy Courtway, but doesn’t Courtway have to fade ANY heat for being the chief legal officer at UCA while impropriety after impropriety took place on campus? What did he do, exactly, if he did nothing related to all the funny financial transfers and dodges that have been uncovered at UCA. And I don’t care what a non-lawyer federal bureaucrat says, I agree with Meredith Oakley. The better legal opinion is that Courtway, interim chief at UCA, should reveal the recipients of sweetheart scholarships, information he has stonewalled from day one.