Don’t half of marriages end in divorce? I hate it. I’m not sure we’re better for disposable marriages. But I’m not judging. Some marriages need to end (never mind not begin in the first place).

I really thought the 16-year-old divorce of a potential Republican U.S. Senate candidate was non-news, bad as several wanted me to talk about it. OK, he once was a preacher. OK, some in his church at the time gave him heck about it. But I got sent all the divorce papers and it looked like a regrettably familiar story to me. A marriage ended. New lives were begun.

But. I’m not a Religous Right Republican. Get a flavor for the emotion in this issue wth some on that end of the spectrum here in the comments thread. I understand a small number of people may be driving this particular discussion. But a small number of similarly unhappy people caused a former Republican U.S. senator a great deal of grief, some think it was politically fatal, on the same subject. Just a thought.