Here’s a writer stewing over political fallout from Mark Sanford’s affair. He suggests it might help Sarah Palin and women candidates in general. Women are less likely to stray than men and thus voters might gravitate in their direction following the spate of Republican sex scandals, he writes.

It’s true that men win the political scandal sweepstakes hands down.  A compilation of political sex scandals by MSNBC listed 23 men and one woman, former U.S. Rep. Helen Chenoweth. (pictured, just for old time’s sake.)

But here’s a question: All the cheating men had to have someone to cheat with. And for the big majority of them, that meant a woman. If men are more likely to cheat does it mean a smaller number of women are doubling up?

Anyway, the writer thinks Mike Huckabee will fare well:

Former Mississippi [sic] Gov. Mike Huckabee also should fare well. A former pastor, he seems unlikely to be tainted by similar behavior — but is also specifically nonjudgmental. At least, compared to most pastors, he does not seem to be the sort to condemn. As Huckabee told ABC News,

“We’re reminded that even good people do bad things, and smart people do dumb things. What Mark did was bad and dumb. I won’t stop being his friend, but I won’t pretend that what he did was okay, ’cause it wasn’t. What he did to his wife and four sons is between them.”