The good news is that unpleasant tavern owner who thinks anti-smoking laws don’t apply to him is catering to a declining number of customers.

State says that the percentage of the Arkansas population smoking has dropped from 25 to 20 percent.

Full report on the jump, but a digression related to smoking and our earlier hotly debated item about anti-smoking scofflaws.

Most businesses have recognized that it’s good business to cater to the vast majority that don’t smoke rather than the shrinking number who do. The result is that, where smoking is still allowed, the businesses tend to be slammed by chain smokers who defeat even the most advanced filtration systems in fouling the air. I don’t think I’m alone in avoiding places that still allow smoking for just that reason, as good as the burgers are at a couple of them. It’s also time to say a word about banning smokes on patios immediately adjacent to entrances. I’m thinking of the guy with the baseball bat-sized stogie planted by the door to Starbucks on Kavanaugh the other day. You could smell him down at the cupcake shop.


Yes, in answer to a comment or two, I’m a reformed smoker. Nothing worse, I know.