The lottery commission is working on vendor business and also talking about opening two regional offices. If office locations follow personnel decisions, you’d have to guess Bigelow and Conway. Snark.

Capsearch is Twittering if you want to keep up.

Posts include comment from lottery director Ernie Passailaigue that “security, sales , advertising, hr, banking & licensure, controller and it directors will all be Arkansans.”

And people with connections to key legislators, if not former employees, as were the first couple hired.

NOTE: Gerard Matthews has a story in this week’s print edition on lottery jobs. They pay better than other comparable state jobs. But Ernie P. promises they’ll be working harder than slacker state employees. Just drop by the lottery office on Labor Day or Thanksgiving and see if they aren’t working.

And don’t miss Ernest Dumas’ lottery column. Did you know Ernie P. sought — and didn’t get — a job in North Carolina that paid $100,000 less than our job? Did you know there was a controversy involving lottery vendor contracts in South Carolina and connections to political fund-raising. Check it out. Thank goodness there’s no politics involved in operation of the Arkansas lottery.