It really is rich to hear Republicans talk about how Democrats are endangering granny’s Medicare. They fought it tooth and nail and true believers will tell you it and Social Security still should be abolished.

Speaking of dishonest Republicans: I was going to ignore Mike Huckabee’s daily fiction. Life is too short to keep up with all his mangled metaphors, folklore and plain lies. But, in the context, his misrepresenation of what President Obama has said is another good example of the perfected Republican lie. This link will take you to Huckabee making hay out of Teddy Kennedy’s death by saying Democrats are trying to make hay out of Kennedy’s death. The Huckabee lie is that Obama has suggested oldsters should take a pain pill instead of receiving operations that can cure them. As The Huckster tells it, under Obamacare, Teddy Kennedy would just have been told to go home and die.