All Fort Smith residents apparently haven’t gotten the word that race is over as an issue. Another good bit of hyperlocal coverage from the web, this time courtesy of Michael Tilley’s City Wire.

It began with a white city official’s unfortunate remarks (he reminded the black sanitation director that he served “one master.” It got  amplified by a resident’s e-mail over garbage pickup (he amplified the city director’s “master” remark with some ugly racially oriented remarks). It ended with an eloquent response from a black city official, City Director Andre Good. Good said in part:

Today’s conversation should have been about making a choice as who to use for a portion of the City of Fort Smith’s residents sanitation collection. To me, the email and part of the meeting turned into something that somehow portrayed the whole Sanitation Department as neglectful and, conveniently, its African-American Director as wholly to blame. Why, in context, might one suspect that race matters? It’s worth pondering, isn’t it?

Yes. And not just in Fort Smith.