Guerilla filmmakers nailed some Acorn workers with a bit of video, enough to leverage congressional action (Rep. John Boozman, he of little record, has even jumped on the bandwagon with anti-Acorn legislation) against the community organization born in Arkansas.

There’s no defending the actions of individuals caught on film, as an Acorn leader readily says. But the organization’s good works outweigh the wrongdoing of a few. It is the group’s success at mobilizing the voiceless that has inspired so many efforts to bring them down.

The corporate world is full of outlaws whose organizations have not been cut out of government work or lost valuable federal help on account of individual actors. Punish the wrongdoers, by all means. Just don’t confuse a broader political attack for something else.

UPDATE: Since you’re not likely to read it in a Boozman news release or in most media coverage, here’s Acorn’s detailed response.