I’d say the U.S. Senate campaign is in full swing if the duck hunting pix are flying. In the in-box this morning was a Lincoln campaign mailing offering “six things you need to know about Blanche Lincoln.”  Youngest woman elected to U.S. Senate. Talks to her mama every day on the telephone. Loves guns. Etc.

Duck hunting in the wetlands of eastern Arkansas is a favorite family activity of Steve and Blanche Lincoln and their sons. Twins Reece and Bennett received their first shotguns, a single shot 410, at age eight. They each bagged their first birds at age nine.


Oh, and by the way, you can make an on-line contribution. 

The road goes on forever. Robert Earl Keen fans will get my inspiration.


UPDATE: Also on the campaign beat: 1) Sen. Gilbert Baker is bragging that he’s already rung up more than $200,000 in contributions for the Republican senatorial nomination fight; 2) mystery man Tom Cotton is said to be nearing his entry into the Republican contest for Senate (UPDATE: unless, that is, he decides to run for Second District Congress instead); 3) persistent rumors say former White House gunslinger Tim Griffin will announce any minute for Congress. Second District presumably, but who knows? Griffin’s rush could be explained by Cotton’s rumored change of direction. UPDATE: Griffin says no announcement scheduled.