So glad to see The Iconoclast is again calling down the evil-doers in NWA.

Here, The Iconcoclast notes (and provides the Photoshop) that Rep. John Boozman, who refused to vote for a resolution disapproving of U.S. Rep. Joe Wilson’s nasty outburst in the House, pressed a Republican resolution to censure another House member, Charles Rangel, for using House stationery to encourage contributions to a college in his district.


Interesting, it is, that a black colleague’s fundraising letter for a college would demand censure from John Boy, but a white colleague’s televised tantrum against a black President gets a pass from the Third District’s moral arbiter. Some might think that Boozman has a double standard, and others might conclude that he is a racist. We are still waiting for an explanation from Boozman to explicate his fine syntactic analysis of his mysterious moral code.