This is what I get for cutting U.S. Rep. Mike Ross any slack on the infamous drug store deal. He just keeps lying.

Still — on his Facebook page — he claims that he’d have done better investing in CDs than in a building in Prescott.

Still, he figures his return at only 4 percent a year (a handsome return in depressed Prescott in lean times, by the way.) He ignores the $15,000 to $50,000 he made every year on the investment from renting the building from himself. (How much rent? He won’t say.)  He ignores, too, the pay he got as a pharmacy “executive” (his wife is the pharmacist; he was running for office). He still hasn’t revealed two years’ worth of dividends he got in the buyout deal. He still hasn’t disclosed if the deal was wholly leveraged (meaning he made a sale profit without ever putting any money down on the building.) He hasn’t accounted for tax advantages (depreciation) on the property. Etc. He compares his deal to property purchases elsewhere that don’t appear to be comparable. (PS — The whole truth might even be more evidence that the deal, overall, was a fair one. But a full exposition of the facts is something Ross has resisted, for whatever the reason.)

“Open and honest?” Mike Ross is still stonewalling legitimate questions.


Any Realtor, despite what Ross says, should tell you that if the assessed value of your propert doesn’t track the market value, within the circuit breaker limits, you’re cheating on your taxes.

He’s a liar, an easy lay for special interests who puts the working poor of his district  last after gun nuts, polluters, health insurance companies, drug chains and Bible pounders who want to punish gay people and pregnant women. Always was. Always will be. He hasn’t waved an American flag yet, but wait. It’s coming.