Pretty bad if you believe Rasmussen polling on matchups between U.S. Sen. Blanche Lincoln and four Republican opponents with name recognition ranging from zilch to a little. They’d all beat her.

Tom Cox, Curtis Coleman, Kim Hendren and Gilbert Baker score 43 to 47 against Lincoln’s 39 to 41. Commentary from Rasmussen:

Lincoln fails to get 50% of the vote in any of the match-ups, and any incumbent who falls short of that level is considered vulnerable. In three of the match-ups, however, she is virtually tied with the challengers at this time.

The two-term senator, who was reelected with 54% of the vote in 2004, is perhaps made more vulnerable by her seat on the Senate Finance Committee which is now wrestling with the national health care reform plan, a measure which is highly unpopular in Arkansas. Just today she voted against including in the bill the controversial “public option” being pushed by liberal senators in her party.

Lincoln’s catering to the right-wing yesterday also included a vote with Republicans to reinstitue spending on dangerously worthless abstinence-only sex education. Last I looked, Democrats held most elective offices in Arkansas. Lincoln perhaps might give some thought to catering to the Democratic base, not the base of the perennial losers in Arkansas. Next up for her: A vote for a Republican amendment to effectively strip private insurance plans of abortion coverage.

Maybe Lt. Gov. Bill Halter ought to run against her, David Sanders suggests.

ON THE JUMP: Lincoln’s statement of defense on her health care votes with Republicans yesterday. She’s going to fix a lack of competition in insurance by reducing tax deductions for insurance companies. Uh huh.