Well, not really.  Sam Eifling reports that a couple of high-profile firms have dropped communication staffers.  Acxiom made an undetermined number of cuts and CJRW let two people go from their Dallas operation.  But another column by Eifling notes a peculiarity in the thought-to-be improved circulation numbers for the Las Vegas Review Journal, a Stephens-owned paper.  In the latest Audit Bureau of Circulations report, the paper actually gained 6.56 percent, a pretty rare accomplishment.  However:

Steve Coffeen, Stephens’ director of corporate circulation, told Editor & Publisher that the Review-Journal actually shed subscribers, and that the increase owes to revised ABC accounting rules that now count the 20,000 or so paid subscribers to the electronic edition. Suddenly a circulation jump of 10,830 feels less like a triumph and more like that old sinking sensation.