At least one reader asked for a vacation food shot. So here goes one grabbed quickly. I was too hungry to do any styling. I’m between pizzas in Naples. This one came after an hour wait in line at Da Michele, said to be the best there is in the birthplace of my favorite food.

It’s a stripped-down, tiled, hole in the wall in the centro storico, or old part of this gritty city. Your choices are just as spare — pizza with a garlicky marinara sauce or the margherita, pictured, with tomato, mozzarella and basil.  Nothing else. The pizzas cost about 5 euros each and come out of the brick oven smoking, with blistered crust. You can have Coke, Fanta, Nastro Azurro beer or bottled water to wash it down, 1.5 euros whichever.

Joy is everywhere, funiculi, funicula.