Not much to cheer in the 00s, John Brummett concludes. Maybe the next 10 will be better.

It may be that we’ll look back and see that things were turning around by the end of these dreary 00s — that the great American arc was there after all.

Maybe the extension of health insurance was a glimpse of a new nobility of purpose. Maybe the economy was taking its artificial sustenance and recovering to perform more responsibly. Maybe we were finding the will to stop borrowing ourselves into Chinese servitude. Maybe, in a spirit of new partnership by the civilized world, we were actually on the verge, in Afghanistan and Pakistan and Yemen, of crushing these monstrous criminals.

Maybe Barack Obama will turn out to be judged as indeed transformative, even as he sets his sights lower and more pragmatically. Sometimes the broad context of history turns you into more than you actually were at the time.

We need a clean break. Tomorrow happens to offer one. So let us celebrate the dawning of a happy new decade. Let us resolve to pursue more vigilantly a more noble purpose.

And go Hogs on Saturday. Give us Liberty, with 500 yards through the air.