This is old news to readers here, but I thought this recent web posting illustrates the problem Mike Huckabee faces in the future in spinning his clemency decision in the case of apparent cop killer Maurice Clemmons. The facts don’t back him up. When a future Republican presidential primary opponent calls him on it, the documentary evidence will work against Huckabee. He’ll look not only soft on crime but dishonest.

Huckabee lies when he portrays Clemmons as a 16-year-old who got a disproportionate sentence for burglary. I don’t use the word lie loosely. Huckabee had the criminal records that revealed the fullness of Clemmons’ criminal past — not to mention his poor prison disciplinary record — when Huckabee decided to make him eligible for instant release.

If Huckabee runs, the subject will be explored. Maybe then we’ll finally get the explanation of how the case of a thug like Clemmons rose to the top of the considerable stack of clemency applications that come and go through the governor’s office each year. I’m betting a certain influential member of the Arkansas parole system can connect the dots. But given this person’s poltical survival skills, I’m not looking for him to step forward and talk about it.