News articles recently have noted that the coaches in the Alabama-Texas championship football game make about $5 million each, give or take a few hundred thousand.

The article compares that to an average college professor’s pay of $115,000.

Not so fast, says Little Rock’s Robert Johnston, a former college faculty member, state legislator and Higher Education Department hand. He says $115,000 is the average FULL professor salary at DOCTORAL colleges. Most professors are associates, assistants, and instructors.

Says Johnston: “The overall average is about $60,000. At BCS schools it might be $80,000.”

Texas Coach Mack Brown was quoted as saying CEOs in Texas would say the football coaches deserve their pay. Sure, but they’re the kind of guys who stick their hands out for tax subsidies from poor folks to run their chambers of commerce and increase their private company profit margins (while they whine about creeping socialism) and think they should have no-cut contracts and enormous bonuses even when their country and many of their companies are in the dumper.