Oh, no. I can’t believe this happened.

Here’s a report from Stand News, the local newspaper serving the black community.

Startled listeners woke up on Monday, the Martin Luther King Jr. federal holiday, to hear KARK-TV Channel 4 anchor Matt Mosler jumble the words “King” and “Junior,” leading to a racial slur. Instead of saying “Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day,” he said “Happy Martin Luther Coon Day.”

The morning news anchor issued an on-air apology the next day to anyone who was offended by his mistake.
“There was no intention on my part in any way, shape or form to deride the work and legacy of Dr. King, especially on the holiday named in his honor.” Mosler has been employed with the station since 2006. He is also director of Beautiful Feet Inc., a Christian ministry based in Sherwood.
Rob Heverling, KARK news director, didn’t believe there was any malicious intent on Mosler’s part, but agreed it was in the station and Mosler’s best interest to apologize on air for the offensive remark.


Several readers remind the blog of a malicious use of the phrase in Selma, Ala., in 1965.